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So I want my blog to be something fun, entertaining, and interesting for others to read and for them to enjoy following my blog. I started blogging after my friend (the amazing Lydia Potter) got me into it!! My goal for my blog is probably to reach 1,000 followers before I go to College next fall…not sure if it will happen but I am already sooooo thankful for you guys who are following me!! But I also want my blog to be able to make someone happier and put a little shine into their day!!

Rachael’s Questions:

What is your greatest achievement so far? That is a tough one, but I would have to say that would be in getting a book written or being able to make a cd. (If you’re interested you can look up on iTunes “Gerken Family” and the cds are called Everlasting Love & To Know He Died for Me)

Who is the person you look up to the most in life? Miss Jennie and Lydia

Would you join me in one of my singing videos? Lol I don’t know.

If your were a drink, what drink would you be? Coffee

How patient are you? Not very, but it depends on the situation.

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1. What is your most precious memory?

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5. What is your favorite thing to do?

Part 2 (Remnants of an Unsolved Puzzle)

Alright, Julie and her sisters and brother have arrived at the camp and are getting signed in. Then then second part I moved to the second day!

Hope y’all enjoy…figured i might give a longer section.

EAlso if any spacing, punctuation, or something looks odd please bear with it, my phone has been acting up and won’t let me just do anything lol.


“Have you been to Joyful Hearts before?” Cinnamon asked, they all shook their heads. Cinnamon smiled, “Ok well first you can just put all the girls bags on the wagon here, and then you go down this rock driveway,” she started explaining as she pointed, “and around the corner is a metal shed, you go in there and you can get registered, then you come back here and we can take the girls to their cabin and the boy will walk up that hill to his cabin.”

Mrs. Esmond smiled, “Thank you.” They loaded up the girl’s luggage in the wagon and then walked down the rocky driveway and found a small shed, where a table was set, and two ladies were sitting talking to others who had arrived. They walked in and when their turn came, they gave their information and then turned in whatever medicine they took for that week. Then after they answered a few questions that Julie’s mother asked, they handed the kids little booklets. Julie flipped to the back and read, Green, Counselor: Miss Rachael. Julie smiled, “I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see my cabin!”

“You’ll like it I’m sure.” The lady smiled at Julie’s enthusiasm.

Back at the car, Julie hugged her mom goodbye and then climbed up in the wagon filled with hay and her luggage and sat down. “Have you ever been to camp before?” the girls shook their head.

“This is our first time.” Megan answered.

“I hope you have a great experience.” Cinnamon replied smiling, then she asked, speaking to the three girls, Ellen, Megan, and Julie “Is there a reason why you guys asked to be put in sperate cabins?” the Counselor smiled.

“Our mom wanted us to meet to people and not stay together and never meet anyone.” Megan answered politely, yet her comment sent everybody on the wagon into gales of laughter.

“Ok, so you guys aren’t actual enemies or anything?” The three girls shook their head, then Counselor Rachael laughed and answered.

“When we read that we were all laughing and wondering why, but it’s good to know why now.”

Julie smiled and replied, “Yea, we were wondering if the workers here would get that impression.” she told them smiling.

Once they had stopped laughing the Counselor for the blue girls spoke up.

“Which of you are on the blue team?” Counselor Cinnamon questioned. Megan raised her hand, “I will be your counselor, and you can call me Miss Cinnamon.”

Megan smiled and said, “Great.”

They soon arrived up the hill, and Julie was brought to her Cabin. She carried her luggage up to the porch with the help of her own Counselor, Miss Rachael. When she walked in the door, her hands full of her bags, a girl hopped off her bunk and cheerfully greeted her, “Hi, I’m Grace.”

Julie responded softly, “Nice to meet you, I’m Julie.”

“That is the last bunk, it hasn’t been taken yet.” Grace pointed.

“Thank you.” Julie nodded. she felt all the others looking at her wondering who she was, Grace too busy to notice that Julie was holding a bunch of stuff asked, “Do you have any siblings here?”

“Three others.” “Grace nodded slowly.

“Nice, I guess.” Grace looked at the bags Julie was holding and jumped aside saying, “Your arms are probably tired from holding those bags.”

“Yes, they are, thank you.” Julie admitted.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see that.” Grace blushed, “I don’t always remember things like that.”

“It’s ok.” Julie replied as she walked over to her bunk and set down her stuff, then she made her bed and climbed up to the top bunk.

“Right now, is Scripture memory time.” Her counselor informed her.

“Thank you.” Julie answered. She opened her book and tried to memorize, she felt her face grow warm, she didn’t know anyone here and she was feeling a little bit lonely. After everyone in her cabin had shown up the counselor started off by saying.

“My name is Miss Rachael and I’ll be your counselor, who has ever been to Joyful Hearts before?” Two girls on the opposite end raised their hands. “Ok, then since most of you are new and probably had never met each other, let’s try to introduce ourselves by saying our name, grade and a fun fact about yourself.” The counselor smiled. “We’ll start with you Grace.”

All the girls had introduced themselves, but Julie only remembered a few of them. “Ok, it’s time to meet our other side of the Green team and discuss the rules of this afternoon’s events.” Their counselor told them brightly.

Julie followed the girl’s out of the cabin and Joci and Joanna timidly ventured over to her, “Hi I’m Joci.” The shy girl spoke up quietly.

“Hi, I’m Joanna.” she chimed in after her friend.

Julie smiled wanly, “Hello, my name is Julie, it’s nice to meet you.” She responded kindly. The three girls walked together in silence. As soon as Joci and Joanna had introduced themselves, Julie knew at once that she had met two nice, friendly girls. As they walked down a gravel path which went next to a lake, they saw a picnic table under the shade of a tall tree. By now the sun had come out from hiding and shown its warmth.

All the girls just stopped in the middle of the rocky road.

When the boys’ side came, they surrounded around the picnic table and sat. Julie noticed two kids and recognized them but couldn’t remember where she last saw them

“Hello, I’m Counselor James!” A tall, slim, dark-haired man spoke. He appeared to be no older than twenty-four, His eyes expressed excitement and friendliness. He had a brilliant smile.

Julie’s counselor walked over and added, “I’m Counselor Miss Rachael. I am the Green girl’s counselor and will be your game counselor alongside with Mr. James.”

“We will be your counselors for this week and will explain the rules of the games to you,” Counselor James informed them excitedly.

To hype their campers up, the two counselors informed them of the game and explained the rules. Soon they were all reciting their team verse together, after this was done, they all followed the counselors across the lake and up a huge hill, to a large field where they would be playing their game, ‘Hay Over the Fence’.

The field was set up like three-way volleyball court, only on a grassy field, with gigantic blow up balls. Two of the balls seemed to be almost as tall as Julie. There were tread marks all around the middle of the field marking the girls’ area to play and the outside field was the boys’ area. The net had a pole in the center of the playing area, where three nets joined and came out, splitting the circular field evenly, forming three, even sides. If one of the three huge balls landed on your side, it counted as a point, the goal of the game was to have the least amount of points possible. Eventually, the campers understood how to play the game, after getting bonked on the nose a few times.


As they headed down the trail towards the eating tent where the flag raising would take place, they heard other cabinmates coming onto their porches chattering.

                “Is it water day?” Joanna exclaimed, “Oh dear, I’m going to get wet.”

“That’s fun though,” Joci answered, “Except when it’s absolutely freezing.” She added ruefully.

They joined the other teens who were already waiting for the flag raising session.

“How did you sleep last night?” Ethan asked Joci.

“Pretty good, you?”

“I slept ok, one kid wouldn’t stop singing Christmas songs though, that was a little annoying.” He answered.

“Wow, I’m glad we didn’t have that trouble.” Joci laughed.

“Yea.” Joanna nodded. “I don’t know of anyone who would sing Christmas songs through summer camp.”

“Well I have one in my cabin.” Ethan replied.

“Have fun enduring that.” Julie commented.

“Sure.” He answered laughing.

“If nothing else, it’ll teach you, patience!” His sister teased.

He ignored her last comment and brought his attention to the flag raising.

After the flag had been raised and they had quoted the pledge of allegiance, the campers got into their ‘straight, still, and stern line, standing as straight and tall as they could. After a few minutes of silence, “Miss Rachael!” was announced.

“Am I hearing correctly?” Grace exclaimed, “We actually won?”

                Julie smiled and nodded excitedly, “Yes.”

                “I do believe Julie the Silent as finally spoken this morning” Joci joked.

“She has awakened from the dead.” Joanna grinned.

Julie laughed, “Ok then.”

                The girls went up for breakfast and Julie got an egg casserole type thing. Then she got a little bit of bacon. Together, the three girls sat at their table and began to eat. After they had finished their warm breakfast, the teens headed back to their cabins for personal devotions.

Julie made herself comfortable on her bunk, took out her notebook, pen and bible, then started reading. It felt a little boring and the time seemed to pass by so slowly. After everyone had done their devotion, they talked about what they had learned from it and how it would apply to their lives. They all freshened up and then went to go out and meet their other team and discuss the next game, quote their verse, and chant their team song. The next game was called ‘Farmer in the Dell’.

                The point of the game was to try to hit the other two teams’ farmers. The farmer on each team stood inside a small, brightly painted circle on the ground which they weren’t allowed to exit. In the end, the team whose farmer got hit the least, would win.

Joanna, Julie, and Joci stayed around the same area until everyone showed up, then they were shown three sections of ground that were marked. Each team quickly chose who was going to be the farmer, who was his wife, and their three children.

A whistle shrilled loudly announcing that the game was started.

Julie ran all around finding whatever squishy wet balls she could find lying around. Running back, she threw them into a bucket filled with water while others took already soaked ones and aimed them at the two other teams.

“I think I’m committing a crime.” Joci exclaimed sheepishly, during the second round.

“Why?” Julie questioned, not getting at what Joci was talking about.

“Last round I was my brother’s daughter,” she started. “This round, I’m his wife!”

They played three rounds of this, each time switching grounds. When the score was announced, they learned that they came in first place for the least amount of hits. Grace screamed with glee as the others jumped up with excitement.

“Yes, points.” Joci squealed.

Mr. Sauté spoke up above all the hubbub, “Already everybody, make their way to the shed for the next service.”

They all walked downhill until they met with the shed, everybody went to their seats.

                Mr. Stronghold preached on how we all need to be faithful to God. Even when it’s hard. Julie thought about this as he spoke, was she always being truly and fully faithful?

After the service they were directed where to go for the next game, the teens started making their way up the road past the beautiful lake and up a steep, wide grassy hill. Trees outline the end of the field. Julie noticed the three-way net that they had used for “Hay Over the Fence” was gone. Everyone listened to the rules of the game, then were handed a necklace type thing with a dissolvable tablet on it.

A whistle had been blown, and every team ran from their section trying to throw their cups of water on the other two teams. Once your tablet had been dissolved, you were out of the game. The last team with tablets not yet dissolved, won. Once they had thrown their cup at an opponent, they would go back to a huge barrel full over freezing water and fill it up again.

By the end Julie was entirely soaked, she tried wringing out her skirt best she could. Once her tablet had dissolved completely, the game had ended, and the red team won.

                “I’ve never known a skirt to be so heavy,” Julie exclaimed.

Joanna just shook her head, “I can’t imagine.”

Joci came running up to them, “I cannot wait to change.” she burst out, “I’m so uncomfortable in these wet clothes.”

Before they were able to go change their clothes though, they were to go the eating tent to eat lunch. “I wish I could change before lunch,” Joanna said frowning.

                “I know, me too.” Julie nodded.

“I think you’re the most wet.” Joci grinned.

“I was also in the longest.” Julie reasoned with a smile.

                They lined up as straight as they could and waited for Mr. Sauté’s booming voice to call out a counselor.

After he had announced which team won, Valerie came up to them saying, “Is my mascara all smeared?” They shook their heads. Valerie’s sighed with relief.

“You wore mascara today?” Carrie questioned, no sooner than when she said it, she wished she had taken it back.

Of course,” Valerie answered rolling her eyes. “My eyes look so much better with it!” No one answered Valerie’s comment, and Carrie quickly put a mouthful of food in her mouth.

                “Do you want to help me memorize verses?” Joanna asked Julie.

Julie nodded. “Sure!”

“I want to get as much done as I can too.” Joci smiled at them adding, “I’m already on the second section.”

“I haven’t even passed the first,” Julie exclaimed, nearly choking on her food, “But hopefully I will today.” She concluded thoughtfully.

After lunch they all went back to their cabins for scripture memory. Julie didn’t notice Valerie coming up to her so when she spoke, Julie was startled.

“Can you see if I say my verses correctly?” she asked timidly.

Julie nodded, “Sure, I’d be happy to.”

Part nWhile Valerie quoted her verses, Joci and Joanna did theirs silently, there were 27 sections that they could complete by the end of the week, in each section was 5-7 verses. The prize was an ice cream party at the end of the week.


Hey y’all decided right now might be a neat time to show a few more photography photos that I’ve taken!!! I hope y’all enjoy them!

This first one I would have to say turned out better then the rest.
Not perfect but ok.
Alright so ik putting the main object into the center of the photo isn’t a good photography technique but i thought this came out pretty good anyhow.
Alright so this is reallllly bad photography but I thought how it showed up was a bit cool.
Lol really bad clearity ik!!
This last one was from a while ago but thought you guys would love to see KitKat as a baby!

Let me know what you think of them😛!!

2020 Graduate!!!!

Hey guys!! Guess who’s graduating this spring!!!! LYDIA POTTER!! Congratulations Lydia!! I hope your next year going into college and finding new things in your future go splendidly!! I wished with all of my heart that I could’ve been at your graduation but I can’t so i’m gonna make it up here! I’m so thankful for how we met online🥰🥰!! I’m also sooooooo thankful that you became on of my Best Friends!! I hope our friendship never ends!!

Alright guys my speech is done lol!! Congratulate this special girl!!!

A New Blogger!!!!

Hey guys!!! So I’m going to introduce a new Blogger!!! Her name is Ashley!!! She is one of my Best Friends and I hope y’all will give her a follow!!! Her account is here.

A little bit About Ashley:

She is 15. She lives in Maryland. She loves music and photography. 🥰

Here are a couple of questions that she answered:

What are you favorite hobbies? music and photography.

What is your favorite bible verse? Phil. 4:13

What is your favorite color? Blue, purple, and green.

How do you feel about starting your own blog? nervous but excited.

What instruments do you play? Piano, guitar, and the flute. I am learning more still.

What is something you would like to say to my bloggers? I look forward to showing you guys all my photos that I take in the near future and I hope you all enjoy then as much as I do taking them!

Hope you guys will give her a follow!! Love you all so much!!

The Original Outstanding Blogger Award!!

Lydia Potter nominated me for the Original Outstanding Bloggers Award!! Thank you sooooooo much Lydia!


1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post. (very important: see why in step 5)

2. Answer the questions provided.

3. Create 7 unique questions.

4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.

5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

This award was created by Colton Beckwith.

Lydia’s Questions:

  • Which of the 4 temperaments are you? (Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, or Phlegmatic)? No idea lol
  • If living on another planet was an option would you move there? Nope, I’m pretty content with living on Earth
  • Is there a movie that you have memorized from start to finish? If so which one? Nope lol
  • Do you prefer to be a leader or a follower? Follower
  • When you have a spare hour on your hands with nothing to do, whats the first thing you would be found doing? probably reading or walking
  • Whats your favorite holiday and why? Christmas, one because we are Celebrating Jesus’s Birthday, and also because of the family time and memories we have.
  • If you could make a new law that everybody would have to follow, what would it be? That siblings can’t be annoying 😂(that count?)

My nominees:







My questions to the nominees:

1. What is your worst allergy that you suffer from? (If you have one).

2.If you could make a difference in the world what would you try to do?

3. Does it bother you when people drive really close behind you or do you not mind it?

4. Would you prefer a Laptop or iPad?

5. Are you one that will try new things or stick with what you know, wear and have already tasted?

6. Do you like your height?

7. If there was one thing you would want to change about yourself, what would it be?

~A New Experience~

Hey guys, alright so before I start I want to let you know that I want any advice that you have lol. Secondly, since i’m planning on getting this book published once its finished I will not be giving the whole story, (when it is publish i’ll let y’all know😉)

I will give a bunch of areas, some will be together for a while and others apart (aka not from the exact point we start at before) I hope y’all enjoy reading this! (Also I will not be giving the whole chapter.)

Chapter One “A New Experience”

The sound of a suitcase getting zipped up filled the silence that had been there moments ago. “There, I’m done!” The girl sighed contently. Black hair with blond highlights surrounded the seventeen-year-old’s head. She plopped herself on her bed as she put on her headphones. She started listening to music, the songs that were quite familiar and popular. It was a hot Sunday night, and the next morning, she would be going with her sister to a camp. She was going in place of her cousin because her cousin got sick. At first, she entirely rejected the idea, but after her sister Grace had pleaded, she finally consented to going.  

 “Valerie dear,” the girl looked up to see her stepmother at the doorway.

A bit annoyed at being interrupted, she replied rudely, “What?”

Sitting on her desk chair her mother replied, “Just wanted to make sure you are packed according to the rules.”

“Rules?” Valerie exclaimed, “I never knew there were, but I picked out the cutest and most comfy outfits for the week.” Valerie said with pride in her voice. She dreamed of herself wearing them at camp. Everyone looking at her in approvement.             

   “Well, I will tell you the rules just to make sure everything qualifies then.”

Valerie rolled her eyes but said, “Whatever.”

“No skirts above knees, tight fitting, see through, low cut, or sleeveless clothes—

“What?” Valerie burst out, interrupting her mother as she jumped up off her bed, “Your kidding me, right?”

Her mother shook her head and continued, “no cell phones or electronics of any kind.”

“Are you kidding me???” Valerie shrieked, “Do they want us to be bored all week?” She moaned, “This week is already getting worse!” She exclaimed, continuing with her complaints.

“Shall I continue on with the list?” Her mother questioned. Slumping back down on her bed, she nodded glumly. “A bathing suit must be worn with lose shorts and a dark shirt with sleeves.”

Valerie groaned, “Great, I’m totally looking forward to an absolute, insanely, BORING week!”     

“Pile in kids!” The Youth Group Leader called. Jocelynn Hershey and Joanna Claiborne were good friends on their way to a summer camp. They were as excited as every year when they went. They rode in the church van with the other kids from their church in Lancaster, PA.

“I’m so excited, I couldn’t sleep last night.” Joci commented all bubbly as she jumped into the van and claimed a middle row.

Joanna’s brown ponytail bounced up and down as she nodded. “Same, I kept checking my bags all night to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything.”

“I don’t think I forgot anything.” Joci answered. “Ooh, I’m so excited!” she sighed contently before adding in a duller tone, “Sadly, we have this three-hour trip before we get there.”

Joanna frowned, “I wonder what they will be doing for Farm theme, it sounds interesting.”

“Yea. I don’t know, it sounds a little boring.” Joci answered. “But it also sounds like fun.” she reasoned.

“I guess, I loved last year’s theme, that was cool.” Joanna answered not entirely convinced.

“Royalty is always neat!” Joci answered brightly.

After a while they didn’t know what to talk about, so Joanna went to play a game on her phone while Joci watched. Soon after they started playing however, they fell asleep from exhaustion, because of their lack of sleep from the night before.

Julie Esmond was another one who was on her way to camp, she was on her way from a place, near Scranton. She had never been to camp before, she wondered what it would be like, she was super excited over it.

“Almost there!” Her mother smiled.

“This car trip is soooo long.” Julie’s younger brother, Isaac retorted. Trees whizzed by along the side of the highway as they drove along at a good speed.

“I wonder what the cabin looks like and where I will sleep.” Her older sister, Megan commented.

“You’re always thinking of sleep Megan.” Isaac laughed. “I hope they have lots of food.” He added wishfully.

“I could care less about the food, I’m excited to go somewhere and learn something new and fun!” Julie answered.

“I’m trying to sleep, could you keep it down?” A girl mumbled. Julie looked back and saw her younger sister Ellen covered in a blanket and her pillow pulled to her ears.

“I can’t see how you can sleep on just an exciting trip, I’m too excited to sleep!” Julie looked quizzically at her sister, Ellen just ignored her and tried to go back to sleep. Julie decided to try to read a book but then started getting carsick, so she just listened to music for the rest of the trip. Rain poured down on and off all through their trip. Julie busied herself by listening to the pattering of the rain as they covered the miles, till they would reach their destination.