A message from a Wrapper…

Yesterday my friend had a piece of candy and showed me what the wrapper said. I shook my head when I read it, it’s so true, yet so hard to believe.

Don’t feel like you aren’t worth it! Some one cares about you, and if no one on earth does, Jesus loves you And I love you!!

A lot of the time, especially these past few weeks, i’ve constantly been feeling like I should give up, that no one cares that i’m here. Then when i post i see all the comments come in and they make me realize that people do care and that I am here for some reason.

So when life is super rough, don’t give up, I know this is hard because i struggle with this fact a lot. my siblings are quite different from me and i often feel like they don’t accept me for who I am. I often feel like I have to do something to please my siblings, friends, and parents or else they won’t accept me ever. But I know that’s not right, I need be myself.

Be yourself!! Be who you were made to be and Don’t be ashamed of it. There are people who will like you and love the same things as you do! They just might come in a different time.

45 thoughts on “A message from a Wrapper…

  1. God has a wonderful plan for your life. Don’t ever forget it! Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what that plan is, but in His perfect time He will reveal it.

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  2. Wonderful message, Bekah! You’re a blessing and your blog is awesome! Don’t live your life trying to please people. Just live a life that’s pleasing to God. ❤️

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