National Chocolate Day!!!

Well the day is almost passed for me….but here’s my weird/interesting/rare holiday of the month. July 7th is apparently National Chocolate Day!! (Now you can see why i picked this one.) 🥰😂

Alright who loves chocolate here?!?!?! I can NEVER get enough chocolate in my life!!!! What is your favorite chocolate candy bar?

58 thoughts on “National Chocolate Day!!!

  1. Chocolate is one of those things I can start eating thinking “I’ll have only a little”, and I just don’t stop! Hershey is really good, but Reeses is amazing!

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  2. I didn’t even know that there was a CHOCOLATE day!!!!!!
    Wait! Does that mean I can eat all the chocolate I want today!!!!!?????!!!
    My favourite candy bar is…..Hershey’s! YUM!

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  3. What? I didn’t know that existed! Is that only in the US??????
    I’m a chocoholic!!!! My absolute favourite chocolate of all time – and is my utter weakness – is Lindt or Lindor chocolate!!! It is DIVINE!!! What’s your favourite chocolate?

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      1. I generally don’t bother replying to other people’s comments on other people’s blog posts, but come on! We’re talking about chocolate here! How could I resist getting in on all the conversations? XD

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      1. Dove has multiple flavors in their brand like salted caramel with chocolate on the outside, or nuts, marshmallow(i don’t like marshmallows lol) but yea they are more pricy but totally worth it!!! Their chocolate is AMAZING!!!

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  4. YAY!!!!!!! I didn’t even know there was a chocolate day. XD Thanks for notifying me! 😂😂 Yess, I know; chocolate is the BEST. I especially love chocolate truffles and Reese’s peanut butter cups. And I also love mint chocolate. My favorite types of chocolate are dark chocolate and white chocolate; for some reason I’ve never been a fan of milk chocolate!


    Awesome post! 😉

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